Law and Technology

Established in 1986, the law firm AWKD Werner & Kollegen is active mainly in National/International Commercial and Administrative Law. Our specialists' focus is clients with science- or technology-related legal problems. Combining legal acumen with expert knowledge in the science and technology areas, we are optimally placed to solve complex legal problems in these areas.

Expert Knowledge and Professional Experience

We combine the collective legal wisdom of decades of experience with the highest level of expertise. Our clients are advised exclusively by partners. For our international clients, we are proficient in both English and French.

Multidisciplinary Co-operation

AWKD Werner & Kollegen has, since its establishment, cooperated closely with a well-coordinated national and international team of auditors, tax consultants and technical-scientific experts. Project teams are organized in such a way as to produce problem solving at the highest level.

Law and public

Our firm has successfully resolved numerous controversial and well-publicized cases, both at the national and international levels. Based on our experience, we have also developed – and successfully implemented – a model that promotes the broad-based acceptance of controversial perspectives (acceptance management).

Manageable Partnership Structures

Our firm is well-established, and our team is small and focused. This makes us highly adaptable and able to react quickly to clients' changing needs. It also means we can build the long-term bonds of trust with our clients that are so important to us.

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